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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

Dec 1, 2022

KT Tape CEO, Jessica Klodnicki, discusses the power of rebranding and why every company should rebrand to find its purpose, values, and goals. Klodnicki shares her story working at Bell, Skullcandy, and KT Tape. She also shares how rebranding KT Tape will affect the company in the future.

Outline of the show:

0:00 What is KT

2:25 Founding story

5:00 For young and old

7:00 Bell helmets

9:50 Skull candy

12:00 Simon Sinek, Start With Why

21:00 Retail road show

24:00 Omni channel business

26:00 Most common injury

28:00 Product development

29:50 Whats it like to be the CEO

32:05 Being a board member

37:00 Closing remarks


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