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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

Garrett Clark sits down with Halda's Co-Founders Lance Hydrick and Dallin Palmer to discuss Halda's startup journey and how Halda is helping higher education institutions better personalize their websites. Halda personalizes websites by using AI-powered personalization tools that better helps marketers re-engage with individuals, leveraging data to create immersive content for each website visitor, and creating an analytics dashboard that helps marketers see exactly where each conversion has taken place.

0:00 Introduction to Halda
5:00 Higher education start
7:00 Y combinator
10:00 Halda in the shower
15:00 Shift in higher education
18:00 How to higher
22:00 How to make it fun
25:00 Breaking into other industries
27:00 Fundraising
32:30 Resolving disputes
37:00 Marketing
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