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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

Aug 9, 2023

In this episode of the Meat and Potatoes, Garrett Clark sits down with Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur, Joseph Vogel. Joseph is also the Founder and Owner of Timpanogos Hiking Co, an outdoor apparel company. In their conversation, they delve into the founding story of Timpanogos Hiking Co. and the challenges the apparel company has undergone since its founding.

Outside of running Timpanogos Hiking Co., Joseph has published multiple critically-acclaimed books, including Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson (Vintage), This Thing Called Life: Prince, Race, Sex, Religion, and Music (Bloomsbury), and James Baldwin and the 1980s: Witnessing the Reagan Era (University of Illinois Press).

His work has appeared in The Atlantic, Forbes, The Guardian, Slate, and the Boston Review, among other publications. His articles have also been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including the James Baldwin Review, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, The Journal of Popular Culture, The Journal of American Culture, and the Journal of Popular Music Studies.

Outline of the conversation:
0:00 Founding story Timpanogos Hiking Co.
5:00 Choosing designs, fabrics, sizes
9:00 Building the team
10:00 Using revenue to build
11:00 Details of the storefront
14:00 Designs specific to storefront
15:40 Stranger Things And The '80s
21:40 Hollywood experience
23:30 Writing a book or starting a business?
24:00 Family
26:00 Advice for others
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