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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

May 31, 2018

Meat and Potatoes shines a light on the people in Silicon Slopes who get things done. Hosted by Silicon Slopes Director of Operations Garrett Clark and random interns we explore how, why, and when they get those things done, and why their work is the meat and potatoes of Utah’s tech community.

In episode 79, we are joined by Kimball Kjar CEO/GM, Coach Alf Daniels, and Center Paul Lasike of the Utah Warriors Rugby team. Adam Pulsipher from the intern team co-hosts. We learn how the Utah Warriors were founded, the ups and downs of running a startup professional Rugby team, and how the inaugural season has gone. Coach Daniels tells his story of how he moved from New Zealand to take the head coach job and what his goals are for Rugby in Utah. Paul gives the player's perspective and shares some insights on how Rugby is a great sport for kids of all ages and sizes. Lastly, the Warriors will be hosting a fun event on June 6th called"Pies & Tries" where folks can learn more about Rugby and enjoy some good food.