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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

Feb 23, 2023

Host Garrett Clark sits with Dusty Heyrend, Magnum's Customer Support Specialist, to talk about Salt Lake City based electric bicycle company, Magnum. In their conversation, they talk about the key differences between riding a normal bicycle and an E-bike. Magnum's startup journey and how the company expanded its reach to bike dealerships and how Magnum bikes are made. Finally, they discuss the future of electric bikes and how Magnum is expanding its demographic.

Outline of the show:
0:00 Utah Outdoor Association
0:20 Dusty Heyrend, Magnum Bikes
2:15 E-bike basics
4:00 The e-bike smile
7:00 The business
10:00 Customer support
13:30 Demographic, technology
16:50 Supply chain logistics
22:30 Regulation in biking and batteries
25:00 Who does what
29:00 Dealership relationships
31:40 Referral marketing
35:00 Managing inventory
36:00 Where to find
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