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Meat & Potatoes Podcast

Jun 27, 2023

In this episode of Meat & Potatoes, Garrett Clark sits down with Dan Roberts, the Co-Founder and CEO of Savvi Legal, a legal services platform tailored specifically for startups. In their discussion, Dan shares Savvi Legal's founding story, challenges Savvi faced, and new paths the company is making in the legal landscape.

Dan opens up about the primary goal of Savvi Legal: to assist startups in a streamlined and organized manner with critical legal processes such as entity formations and financing. Savvi Legal offers a comprehensive suite of services and templates designed to simplify the legal complexities startups often encounter on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Outline of the conversation:

0:00 Introduction to Savvi Technologies

2:10 Targeting entrepreneurs

5:00 Utah as a sandbox for legal tech

12:00 Venture funds

19:00 A cockroach mentality in fundraising

23:00 Ai in legal

34:00 CEO then and now


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